Via ferrata Piatra Șoimilor

Via ferrata Piatra Șoimilor


Corbu, Romania 47°01'12.7"N 25°42'00.7"E


Thanks to the support of the Harghita County Council, at the village of Corbu/Gyergyóholló has completed the installation of an approximately 150-meter ironed climbing trail, including a 15-meter suspension bridge and a vertical section with rungs of 15 meters.
As a result of the activity of Eco Climb Association, a spectacular high-mountain route, category D and E, completes the 2018 Falco Peregrinus trail, contributing to an area where mountain and climbing enthusiasts find varied routes, right to their preferences and physical fitness.

47°01'12.7"N 25°42'00.7"E
Photo: ferrata Piatra Șoimilor

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