Top 25 what to do

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The most interesting activities you can do in Harghita. Choose what suits you!

Bobsleigh track - Toplita


Bobsleigh track – Lunca de Sus


Authentic artisan experience (do it yourself activities)

Experiences / Tourist program / Traditional craft workshops / Family-friendly activity

Snowshoeing tour to the Naskalat Peak

Snowshoe tours

Ski Touring Adventures

Ski tours

Krausz chocolate workshop visit

Experiences / Traditional craft workshops / Family-friendly activity

Dog sled tour

Sleigh trips

Enduro and Snowmobile Adventure


Traditional evening in Ghimeș


Horse-drawn sleigh rides – Borsec

Sleigh trips

Family day in Harghita Bai in winter

Tourist program

Tuşnad Military Tours

Experiences / Off-road tours / Family-friendly activity

Half-Day Tour with SSV/Buggy

Experiences / Off-road tours / Family-friendly activity

Centuries-old photography

Experiences / Family-friendly activity

Ski resort Harghita Mădăraş

Ski slope

Visiting and tasting tour at a local brewery


Golden Eagle Watching and Photography


Ice fishing

Fishing lake / Fishing

Balu Alpina Sherpa

Snowmobile / Experiences

Family walking tour to the Fortress of Owls


The path of the fruit, from the tree to the glass

Experiences / Traditional craft workshops

Making the special Szekler cake, and folk dances
Traditional pig slaughtering

Custom / Experiences

Ice climbing

Ice climbing

Bear watching in Băile Tuşnad

Bears Watching