Treasure Cottage

Treasure Cottage

Apitherapy / Experiences / Salt room


344 Mugeni/Bögöz 537205, Romania


The Treasure Cottage is designed to transport visitors back in time, and introduce them to the little treasures of rural life.

Located in Mugeni/Bögöz (9.6 km from Odorheiu Secuiesc/Székelyudvarhely), the nearly 150-year-old house has served as a priest's lodge, a home for a wealthy family of farmers, a maternity hospital and a day care centre. A dairy and butter factory also operated here. The house still retains its traditional appearance and some of its original furnishings, so visitors entering through the gate will discover the treasures of a 19th century bourgeois property in a rural setting.

Visitors has the opportunity to receive a presentation of various crafts, including butter making, bread baking, weaving, embroidery, straw working and herbal medicine.

The salt house and apitherapy house in the courtyard are a place for relaxation and healing.

The Treasure Cottage includes:
  • a civil house with original furnishings
  • baking house
  • farm buildings
  • dairy and butter factory with period equipment
  • an exhibition of handicraft products 
  • salt house
  • apitherapy house
Visitors can take part in various activities by prior arrangement.
  • Butter making:
    • Presentation of the traditional butter making process and tasting.
    • Minimum 10 people, maximum 50 people.
    • Price: 35 RON/person
  • Honey tasting: 35 RON/person, minimum 10 people
  • Spiced salt preparation: 35 RON/person, minimum 10 persons 

Program overview

  • Artisan
  • Culinary
  • Recreation
  • History


  • English
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian


  • Mugeni


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