Snowshoeing tour in the Harghita Mountains

Snowshoe tours


Discover the stunning winter scenery of the Harghita Mountains on a guided snowshoe hike that goes deep into the frozen landscape. Snowshoeing is a beautiful way to immerse in nature and to find some peace and quiet from the hectic everyday life. Join a group of beginning snowshoers or take on an extended trail for 4- or 6- hour adventure, and watch for the tracks that deer, wolf, lynx or wildcats leave in the pristine snow. Explore dense forests and frozen alpine pastures in this tranquil environment, and hear the sound of your snowshoes crunching softly in the snow. See the Ciuc Basin or the prolonged Eastern Carpathian mountains range or the high Fagaras Mountains in the distance, take in views of soaring rocks with an icy glaze, and experience the remarkable tranquility of nature. This is a perfect budget-friendly activity for the family.

Highlights of the tour:
Experience the beauty of winter in the Harghita Mountains as you hike its breathtaking trails in the snow
Led by a local bilingual guide
Choose from two options for a guided snowshoe hike customized to your skill level
Learn about the wildlife and geology of the mountains from your guide
Keep your eyes out for wildlife such as birds, hare, fox or deer
Stop for photographs and rest breaks at scenic vista points where you’ll get stunning views of the winter wonderland
Family friendly
Enjoy hot beverages after the tour
Safety briefing and gear are included

Snowshoeing offers you a way to see Transylvania and the Eastern Carpathians from a different perspective while enjoying outdoor winter fun and low-impact exercise. Gear up in layered clothing suitable for below-zero temperatures and make your way to the meeting point at the foot of the Harghita Mountains, in Izvoare village. Your guide will fit you with snowshoes and hiking poles that will help you travel across the icy and snowy terrain and provide a safety briefing. This tour is an activity the whole family will enjoy, as prior experience in snowshoeing is not necessary. Once you’re ready, strap on your snowshoes and follow your guide along quiet trails, experiencing the Harghita Mountains in its winter beauty. Get incredible views of snow-covered mountains and meadows as you hike, and have plenty of opportunities to stop for photos and rest breaks when you can soak in the beautiful surroundings and enjoy the silence. With luck, you’ll even spot wildlife such as hares, foxes or deer. Your guide will make sure that you will be walking at a comfortable pace and the length of the trip can be adjusted accordingly. The Harghita Mountains have great variety of trails for different skill levels. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will accommodate. Enjoy the quiet beauty of your surroundings, and after the tour, warm up with hot beverages and snacks in one of the many restaurants of Madaras Harghita ski resort, then return to your departure point .

This snowshoe tour in the Harghita Mountains will allow you to get away from the crowds and explore a Carpathian winter wonderland. Joining this trip means being prepared for any kind of weather. High alpine weather can be extreme and may be completely different than in town. You must have winter boots or hiking boots, winter coat and pants, warm hat and warm gloves. Ski goggles recommended.

**If you are not properly prepared for winter conditions as described you will be turned back and your payment will not be refunded**

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