In the footsteps of the fairies

In the footsteps of the fairies

Trekking / Tourist program


Hikers will especially appreciate this route, as Borsec/Borszék is home to many natural attractions. Spiced with the legends of the fairies and the founding sayings of our small town, we start the walk at the entrance of the Round Seat Nature Reserve, from where we touch the "lábferedő" (little traditional pools for foot soaking), the Bear's Cave, the Ice Cave and the Mofetta. From here we get to Owl Castle, where we mention the events of the Second World War.

Program location: Harghita county, Borsec/Borszék
Micro-region: Gheorgheni Basin
Program price: 100 RON / group

Program overview

  • Walk


  • English
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian

Duration of the program

  • 3,5 hours/ore/óra

Tour guide

  • Stan Timea


  • Gheorgheni and its surroundings

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