Nagy Imre Memorial House

Nagy Imre Memorial House

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Strada Jigodin 2, Miercurea Ciuc 530003, Romania


A graduate of the pedagogical school, Nagy Imre (1893 - 1976) was a university professor. After the First World War, he became a sculptor. He spent some time in Budapest, where he studied drawing and painting at the Art Academy, and in 1924 he came home. He settled in Jigodin, where he painted the Szekler landscapes and its people until his death.

Starting with 1920, he had several exhibitions in Cluj, Brașov, Târgu Mureș and Bucharest, and an individual exhibition in London.

He lived in a simple peasant house with a porch and three rooms, to which he added a workshop in 1966. He worked daily for 6 hours, even when he was 80 years old.

Among the many official recognitions of his talent, we mention the "Zichy Mihály" 1939 Graphics Award, the 1957 Emeritus Artist of Romania, and the Cultural Merit First Class.

His home has become a museum, and the tomb of the great artist is in its yard. The memorial house exhibits furniture, books, documents, and his painting collection. It is worth mentioning his collection of straw hats, the last two self-portraits drawn and the unfinished composition on the support frame. The painter donated over 6,000 of his works to the city.

A gallery was built next to his birth home in 1973, with the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the artist's birthday. After Imre Nagy's death, the gallery hosted a permanent exhibition of his paintings, which exceeded 6,000 pieces. Many of his paintings are exhibited in the Târgu Mureș gallery and the National Szekler Museum in Sfântu Gheorghe.

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  • Miercurea Ciuc

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