The Water Mill in Gheorgheni


Gheorgheni, Romania


The characteristic symbol of the region's social and economic past is the mill, the machine that used the power of water. In the region, traces of several water mills can be found, but few of them are operational. More and more Szekler settlements recognize that the hundred-year-old water mills can be useful nowadays - especially as tourist attractions, because these "miraculous machines" are truly interesting and stir the curiosity of the people.

The Tinka Mill, which was built in 1890 and is currently a historical monument, shows those interested how the ancestors used the power of the Békény creek to grind the wheat into flour. The Tinka mill currently has both museum and functional value.

Every year, the events organized in the courtyard of Moruna Tinka in Gheorgheni, where every visitor can take a look and discover the secrets of the mill and those of various folk crafts, have a great success.


  • Gheorgheni

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