The Siculicidium Monument

The Siculicidium Monument

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Siculeni 537295, Romania


The SICULICIDIUM monument in Siculeni is a historical monument according to the Harghita County Monument Register (1992).

The monument, built on a plan drawn by the architect Tamás József from Miercurea-Ciuc, was inaugurated on 8 October 1905. The bird on the central pillar is the work of the famous sculptor Köllő Miklós from Ciumani, and has a 2.6 m wingspan.

The monument commemorates the massacre on 7 January 1764, when the Austrian imperial troops killed more than 200 Szekler martyrs.

In 1891, following the proposal of Orbán Gyula, a committee was set up to raise funds for the construction. The name of the SICULICIDIUM monument is actually a cipher - the letters converted to Latin numbers give the sum of the year of the massacre - 1764. The Latin name has the meaning "the killing of the Szeklers" or "the extermination of the Szeklers".

The commemorative plaque has a brief description of the events, the date of sanctification (1899) and a poem commemorating the action of the Szeklers who resisted tyranny and died for their rights and freedoms, leaving behind an example for the following generations.

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