The Fortified Church of Cârţa

Fortified Church / Monument


Cârța 537035, Romania


The Fortified Church of Carta was founded by the Cistercian Rite Monks between: 1202–1206. It is one of the oldest Cistercian monasteries in Europe, representative for the early Gothic style.

The Church was built in shape of cross. It was one of the most important and impressive fortified churches in Transylvania and the territory on which it was built was donated to the Voivode Benedict of Transylvania by King Andrew II of Hungary. The first attestation of the church of Carta dates back since 1223.

Over time, the Church was damaged several times by Turks and Tatars, in 1241 being almost entirely destroyed. However, it was restored each time. In 1474, the King Matthias Corvinus abolished the Church due to numerous complaints he received from villagers of Carta, oppressed by the higher and higher taxes imposed by the Church Abbot of that period, Raymund Barenfus.

Even though it was abolished, the Fortified Church of Carta continued its activity and the religious sermons were still celebrated until present.


  • Cârța

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