Botházi Guesthouse is located in Subcetate Zetea, only 30 km from the town of Odorheiu Secuiesc, in a beautiful circumstance.

On the first floor of the house there are 4 guest rooms with 2 bathrooms. The accommodation capacity of the two guest rooms is complemented by two small cabins, fully equipped, which can accommodate up to 4 persons (one bunk bed and one bunk bed). Each of the small houses has a bathroom (shower, toilet). The houses also have a kitchen-dining room, so groups of less than 15-20 people can comfortably accommodate.

In the landscaped courtyard, a filage room, children's toys and a cradle bed make for a more relaxing stay with friends in our guest house.


  • 2 daisies


  • Kitchen
  • Wooden hot tub


  • Sub Cetate

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