The miracle of mofettas - a unique phenomenon in the world

The miracle of mofettas - a unique phenomenon in the world

One of the natural riches that our country are the mofettas. Originating from the Latin term "mephitis", which means "nifty emanation," mofettas are gas emanations that can appear through earth's cracks in the final phases of volcanic activity, through drilling, degassing of mineral waters, or can be made artificially.

Although mofettas are also found in France, Italy, Java Island or Yellowstone National Park (USA), the ones in Romania are unique through the emanations of dry gas rich in carbon dioxide (95-98%), a very effective therapeutic factor. Also, mofettas from our country, contain rare gases such as helium and radon, which complement the curative effect of mofetta therapy.

What does a mofetta look like?

You may be wondering what such an accumulation looks like, or you can imagine a muddy place where gas comes out. Well, the mofetta is a room with more steps, like a small amphitheater, designed so that the gas in the lower part accumulates.

By gradually descending, you can control the gas "baths". The discharge of the gas from the mofetta is carried out continuously through exhaust nozzles which do not have to be in the direction of the dominant winds.

Any mofetta must be provided with a gas level warning system, either by an automated system or by direct observation.

A simple method of checking the gas level (up to which level you have "sank" in the gas mixture) is that of using a lit match, which when it comes to the interface between air and accumulation will go out.

What is the treatment in a mofetta look like?

The treatment in the mofetta rooms mentioned above is done by the patients standing up. The patient should only be exposed only in the bottom part of the body, where the beneficial effect is exerted and in order to avoid poisoning, the carbon dioxide level should be controlled every half an hour by means of a lit match.

Before the treatment in the mofetta, it is recommended that the patient rests for 5-10 minutes. Any movement or speech should be avoided because the gas, which is denser than the air, moves very easily and the patient can inhale it.

There must be a 4-8 hour break between the two daily treatments.

Duration of mofetta therapy:

Moffeta therapy can be done only at the doctor's recommendation and the duration of a session should not exceed 20 minutes. 10 to even 28 days of treatment are needed, in order to have a lasting effect.

At the beginning the length of one sessions should not be more than 15 minutes, twice a day. Later 5 minutes can be added slowly up to a maximum of half an hour for an appropriate therapeutic effect.

Effects of mofetta therapy

Through the gas baths can be treated especially cardiovascular diseases, dermatological, gynecological and endocrine diseases and others.

Mofetta therapy is also recommended for people with cardiovascular risk and for those who suffer from hypertension, high cholesterol. It is also indicated for smokers, people with circulatory problems and those who work a lot in cold weather.

It is also known that emanation of the mofettas has beneficial effects on potency, being recognized as a very good natural aphrodisiac.

It is very interesting to note that in the upper layers of gases the carbon dioxide concentration is much lower, which stimulates the transport of oxygen to the body tissues, including the brain, which leads to the increase of the intellectual efficiency.

It is known that many famous writers and painters came to the gas baths because they generated true explosions of inspiration


Like any other therapy, besides the positive effects, there are also contraindications. This procedure is forbidden to people suffering from ischemic heart disease, those with heart rhythm disorders, or those who have recently had myocardial infarction.

Also, mofeta is contraindicated for those who suffer of hypertension or in digestive or renal diseases, or those who have chronic respiratory disorders.

The procedure is done only on the recommendation of the doctor and under supervision. Everyone should be warned of the risks, as many people are tempted to try out outdoor, free moffets, without knowing the danger.

Resorts where mofettas can be find in Harghita:

Borsec Harghita Băi Sântimbru Băi Jigodin Băi Băile Tușnad Lăzărești Bancu - Adorján Bancu - Bákay Ciucsângeorgiu - Gatalalat Băile Seiche

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