Mofetta in Borsec

Mofetta in Borsec


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Borsec 535300, Romania


In 2010, by support of the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism and Harghita County Council, the mofetta was rebuilt. The old building was demolished and rebuilt as a new and modern building above the gas emanating from the ground. Thus, the new building can provide cures, therapies for a number of up to ten people at once. The entire alley was refurbished from the entrance to the Round Chair up to the mofetta, the mofette glade was also designed as a place where from one can reach by fine-tuned paths to the old calcium mine, to the lookout point at the old travertine quarry, as well as to the ice cave. Along the walkways were installed benches, tables, dustbins, the glade has been provided with special fireplaces, and besides the forest edge were mounted toilets and bins.


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