Tusnadmarathon 2024

Tusnadmarathon 2024

2024 - The year of adrenaline


Baile Tusnad, Baile Tusnad, Romania


Dates and Hours:


Tusnad Marathon starts from Băile Tușnad/Tusnádfürdő, the smallest town in the European Union, in the heart of Szeklerland, and finishes at the only volcanic crater lake in Europe, Lake St. Anne. 
Contrary to its name, the race is "only" 23 km long, which is closer to a half-marathon than a marathon. The Tusnad Marathon name was chosen because the runners have to overcome a 750-metre difference in altitude in addition to the 23 km. The two together are a similar challenge to a traditional marathon.
The 23 km can be completed individually or in a 2-3 person relay team, while those who do not want to run can choose between the 7 km and 14 km hiking distances.