TEDxUdvarhely – Truth and Dare

TEDxUdvarhely – Truth and Dare


Casa de cultură, Strada Tamási Áron, Odorheiu Secuiesc 535600, Romania


Dates and Hours:


In 2023 we organize the third edition of TEDxUdvarhely. On 2nd September, we will hear many inspirational ideas from people who weren’t afraid when the truth had to be told, and weren’t scared when actions were needed.
We believe that, thanks to TEDxUdvarhely, and its inspiring, motivational and encouraging discussions and debates, we can achieve change in the community – with the members of this community.
The topic of the third TEDxUdvarhely is Truth AND Dare. Because we think that honesty and courage don’t exclude each other, on the contrary. Together they are strong and they can make a change.

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