Panoramic mountain refuges

Panoramic mountain refuges

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Cheile Bicazului/Békás-szoros


One of 2021's most beloved tourist destinations.

Panoramic mountain refuges are rare in Europe. In Romania, there are two of them, both in the Bicaz/Békás Gorge. They were inaugurated this year by the Gyilkostó Adventure Association and Salvamont Harghita. One of them can be found at the Piatra Poienii/Mária-kő, the other one is on the Ucigaș/Gyilkos Mountain.

Not only can you visit these refuges, but you can also spend the night in them. All you have to do is contact Salvamont to make an appointment.
+4074 4701 815, +40724 212 586, +40723 148 797

Photo: Péter Kázmér & Radio Cluj

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  • Recreation
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  • Trekking

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