National Park Cheile Bicazului – Hășmaș (Bicaz Gorge- Hășmaș)

National park / Natural reserve


Traseu Hășmașul Mare, Sândominic, Romania


The Bicaz Gorge - Hășmaș National Park (PNCB-H) is of great scientific interest in geology, geomorphology, paleontology, landscape and biology due to its variety of geoclimatic conditions. Bicaz Gorge is famous in Romania due to its impressive size. Red Lake, formed by a landslide in 1837, which blocked the flow of the Bicaz creek, offers a very picturesque scenery.

The park is located in the Hăşimaş mountains (Hăghimaş), in the central group of the Eastern Carpathians, a mountain range also known as Moldo-Transylvanian Carpathians. The park is in the central-northeastern part of Romania, in the Neamț and Harghita counties.

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