Borșaroș fen, Sâncrăieni


Sâncrăieni 537265, Romania


Ciucul de Jos watershed is characterized by a multitude of mineral water springs, rich in sodium, magnesium, calcium and hydrocarbons, which offer excellent drinking water and contribute to the formation of peat bogs, which are shelters for many rare plant and animal species.

The springs are also special due the fact that the mineral salts (limonite) in the water precipitate, forming cones or spreading around like a muddy cover, called by the locals "borsár" - hence the name of the Borşaroş marsh, which now consists of two isolated areas: Vízkert (Water Garden) and Omlásalja (Cave-in).

The dwarf birch (Betula humilis) is a treasure of the Borşaroş marsh, which once had the largest population of this species. It is a glacier relict, which reminds us of tundra habitats with its appearance of a small tree. Currently there are 20-30 trees in the reserve.

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