Mineral Water Tasting Tour

Mineral Water Tasting Tour


Route: Tourist information office – Lázár (Lazarus) Well – László Spring – Fő (main) Well – Erzsébet Well – Kerekszék – Kossuth Well – Petőfi Spring – Emese Spring – Ős (ancestor) Spring – Pierre Currie Spring 
Program description:
The tour starts from the tourist information office, where we will briefly explain the history of the city, and then we will walk to the Lázár Well. Here we describe the formation (post-volcanic activity) and composition of mineral waters. We will tell you how they got the names. Ww taste the slightly sulfurous water. We descend to the László Spring. We will tell you who was the László from whom the spring got its name, and then we will walk to the Madonna Spring. We mention that the older name of this source is Boldizsár. Who was Boldizsár?
Visitors are advised not to mix the waters as they will have a laxative effect. We walk to the two iconic springs of Deák Square, the Main Well and the Elizabeth Well. Unfortunately, these are sealed because their water is bottled by a filler. We walk to the Kossuth well on the side of the Wheelchair. Here, we can spend even more time, as the beautiful, large filagoria provides an opportunity to relax. Here, there used to be a rich cultural life: dance parties, youth days, wine tasting competition. The Elisee Restaurant was nearby. There used to be a patisserie and even a movie was shown to entertain guests. We walk to the Petőfi Spring. Not far from here is the Emese Spring and its foot baths. Guests can also try it out (it's free). Here you can have a snack or sunbathe. We are a ten minute walk from the Ancient Spring. We will tell the story of this and then tell you that it works today as a mofetta, because in the meantime its water has disappeared. We descend to the Pierre Curie source (our only source that also contains radium). It is worth tasting the water of this because it is very delicious. You can relax in the filagoria next door and then head back to the historic part of town.

Program location: Harghita county
Destination: Borsec/Borszék
Program price: 150 RON / group

Program overview

  • Nature
  • Walk
  • City tour


  • Hungarian
  • Romanian

Duration of the program

  • 2-3 hours/ore/óra

Tour guide

  • Farkas Aladár


  • Gheorgheni and its surroundings

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