Apitherapy refers to the healing use of bee products and endowments. Beekeeping products contain concentrated active ingredients of plants, mixed with bees’ metabolites, special enzymes and hormones. Plant-based apitherapy products are, for example honey, pollen, and propolis. Animal products (bee-derived products) are royal jelly, bee venom and beeswax. Due to the
characteristics and nature of the bees, they provide an opportunity for natural bioresonance and hive air therapy.

Hive air helps to treat the following ailments: allergies, immune system diseases, skin rashes, respiratory diseases, bronchitis, asthma, sleep disorders, burnout syndrome, anxiety, restlessness.

Bioresonance therapy is recommended for: stress, pain, metabolism, hormones, neurology, relaxation, sleep enhancement, digestion, oxygen supply, flexibility, coordination, immunostimulation, chronic fatigue, anti-inflammatory effects, learning difficulties.

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