Lueta salt well

Lueta salt well


Lueta 537140, Romania


At the Southern edge of Lueta there is the Salt House, which stands out as a monument that supplies not only the Lueta village but also the surrounding ones. In the region there are such houses in Mereşti, Mărtiniș, Corund and Praid, but the villagers believe that here is the best quality salt.

The history of the house spans over a hundred years. It was built in 1866 above the fountain (the inscription above the entrance is witness). In 1996, the building received a new roof. The settlement once had a salt mine, but it only worked for a short time.

The village was built on a large salt field that is linked to the salt field of Praid. Somewhere below the village, the salt deposit meets a water source resulting the Salt Fountain, the salty solution here being highly concentrated. The locals take great care of the well, from where they get the salt they need.

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