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Liberty Fishing & Recreation

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DC75, Toplița 535700, Romania


Fishing lake (1 hectare) and ice rink in Toplița/Maroshévíz.
Tent pitches. Caravan parking.

The fishing season starts on March 3, 2024. This year, we've designated 20 fishing spots for you. Reserving a spot isn't mandatory but recommended. If you reserve a spot, you'll need to pay a full-day fee. Our internal regulations expand as follows:

  1. Fishing is only allowed from designated spots. The boundaries of these spots are perpendicular to the opposite shore.
  2. Reserved spots can only be exchanged with staff approval. Fishing directly across from another angler is prohibited.
  3. If all spots are taken, the staff will declare it full and limit access to the stands.
  4. No angler is obligated to share their spot, but it's permitted if they choose to.
  5. Picnicking is only allowed at designated fishing spots with prior arrangement.
  6. RVs have access to spots numbered 14 through 18.
  7. Entry requires appropriate gear, including a landing net and fish bag. Fishing is done with barbless hooks.
  8. Recommended mainline: minimum 0.25 mm monofilament.
  9. Catch and release fishing is preferred. Daily tickets allow keeping only carp without quantity or size restrictions. For other species, only specimens weighing 1.5 kg to 2.5 kg may be kept; others must be released immediately.
  10. A landing net must be used during both catching and releasing (except for carp, which must be handled by hand only).
  11. Before leaving, anglers must show their catch at the guardhouse.
  12. Daytime fishing starts at 08:00 (07:00 on weekends) and ends at dusk, but no later than 21:00. Night fishing is from 21:00 to 06:00.
  13. Prior to reserving a spot, anglers must contact the staff.
Here are the prices for the 2024 season:
  • Adult fishing ticket: 35 ron
  • Adult fishing ticket (15:00 – 21.00): 25 ron
  • Children's fishing ticket (under 14): 25 ron
  • Children's fishing ticket (15:00 – 21.00): 15 ron
  • Night fishing: 65 ron
  • VIP fishing ticket (with cabin): 45 ron/day; 75 ron/night
  • Picnic: 25 ron/person
  • Landing net, fish bag rental: 15 ron
  • Fishing rod rental: 15 ron
We look forward to welcoming everyone!

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