Frumoasa dam

Frumoasa dam

Natural attraction / Fishing lake / Fishing


Frumoasa, Romania


The Frumoasa Dam is located on the Frumoasa brook, a tributary of the Olt river. The dam is made of ballast fillings, and a clay core. It has a height of 38 m and a length of 506 m.

The lake has a total volume of 10.6 million cubic meters, of which 7.6 million up to the standard retention level serve for the drinking water supply of Miercurea Ciuc, providing 50% of the city’s needs.

The area near the dam is known for fishing. There are various species of fish: perch, Prussian carp, European chub, common carp, brown trout, common bream, zander, and wels catfish.

Guesthouses and holiday homes were built nearby, the area becoming a rather well developed travel spot. The tourists who choose to visit the Frumoasa Dam will find a wonderful, quiet place for relaxation. There are also hiking routes from the lake.

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