László/ Cloșca spring (Spring no 5) in Borsec

Mineral waters


Borsec 535300, Romania


It is located next to 7 Springs Boulevard. It has a flow rate of 5.100 l / day. The spring water is carbonated, mixed and contains: calcium, magnesium, sodium. Therapeutic indications: hypoacid gastritis, chronic colitis, chronic uric and oxal lithosis, obesity, arthritis (hypertensive disease).

Brief history of the spring: It was used since 1840, but it the stone bed was not captured until 1867. The name was received in honor of Lázár László lord from Lăzarea, who had a decisive role in the development of Borsec. The water of this spring was used by both guests and locals for drinking.

The spring water was first analyzed by pharmacist Flobert Ferencz from Mediaş in 1862, later in 1873 by Dr. Than Károly, and in 1889 by Dr. Hankó Vilmos.

Photo source: http://www.borsecinfo.ro/


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