Lake Iezer Reserve - Călimani National Park

Lake Iezer Reserve - Călimani National Park

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Calimani National Park, nr 54C, Șaru Dornei 727515, Romania


The Călimani mountains are in the northern part of the Eastern Carpathians, forming the largest volcanic chain in the country. The flat volcanic plateaus and the ridges that rise like pyramids above them prove the Călimans volcanic origin. In this volcanic chain we can also find the tallest volcanic ridges in the Carpathians: Pietros Peak (2103 m) and Răchitiş Peak (2021 m).

The Lake Iezer Reserve in Călimani is a protected area of ​​national interest that covers a surface of ​​322 hectares, belonging to Toplița administrative center. The reserve lies at the foot of the Răchitiş massif and has a glacial lake (1200 sqm, 45 m long and 35 m wide). The surrounding area is home to a diverse range of shrubs and a wide variety of mammals.

The depth of the water is between 3 and 5 meters. The lake has a triangular shape, and its tip marks the outlet. Two brooks fed the lake, which flows into the Puturosul (Stinky) stream.

Among the plant species, we can mention the dwarf pine (Pinus mugo), Juniperus sibirica, Rhododendron kotschyi or Nardus stricta.

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