Sledding trip with the Lonely Stone Kennel

Sledding trip with the Lonely Stone Kennel


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Bălan, Romania


Join the Lonely Stone Kennel sleddogs for sledding trips, unique experiences in Hășmaș mountains!

Greenland Dogs and Alaskan Malamute Dogs can give you sled trips or cart (four-wheel) rides through the spruce and birch forest - a sensational, safe and comfortable way to experience rides with a canine team pulled by force, speed, vigor and balance, special qualities of our champion dogs in sprint competitions and beauty shows.

  • Short tour:
    • 1.5 km on flat wooded terrain; 
    • duration: 10 - 15 minutes; 
    • it is organized for 2 - 10 people.
  • Long tour: 
    • 10 km (round trip) on a forest road; 
    • duration of at least 1 hour, with rest breaks; 
    • it is organized for 2 people.
  • dog sled walks are organized depending on the weather, the route and related safety conditions - in winter, when the snow cover is optimal, and in the other seasons in cool weather (morning and evening), on dry ground,
  • behind the team, on the soles of the sled, the musher will sit/drive the team (the dog team is not rented);
  • 1-2 adults or 1 adult + 1 child or 2 children can sit on the sled/cart;
  • our dogs are friendly, sociable - these being characteristics of the breed, but they also have enough personality and their own thinking to not do anything and everything that is asked of them, and this is a right that we respect;
  • the health and well-being of our dogs have priority; our dogs are pampered and protected, and will not be exploited for any reason (they are not engines, they are not toys, they are not mascots);
  • we prefer to walk people who love dogs and their company and who respect this effort;
  • dog sled walks can only take place with appointments and telephone reservations (at least 3 days before the agreed date).
- Constantin Grosu (Rică), tel: 0745 311 695
- Mariana Vrabie, telefon/Whatsapp: 0742 012 123

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