The Holiday Village in Lunca de Jos

The Holiday Village in Lunca de Jos

Architectural Objective


Love at first sight – this is how the work of the Szász family began, when they managed to purchase a land at Lunca de Jos - Valea Boroș, on which only a cottage and an abandoned shed stood, left to chance.

Currently, the land looks rather like a small village, with eleven small cottage houses of extraordinary beauty, initially condemned to degradation.

We disassembled them, transported and rebuilt them based on photographs and numbering, preserving the original humus method, both indoors and outdoors, and furnishing them with old traditional furniture. The sheds, built later, serve other purposes: one became a bathing house and the other a dance hall.

We hope that the tourists who visit the village (which can accommodate 110 people) will appreciate the traditions and the folk art.

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