Európa Pension

Európa Pension

Family-friendly accommodation / Guest house / Restaurant / Family-friendly restaurant


Cârța/Csíkkarcfalva, Gidrók 161 Románia, Hargita megye


Our pension is located near E578 European road at Csíkkarcfalva / Cârța, in Szeklerland - Transylvania. It is situated 23 km away, North from county headquarter Miercurea Ciuc / Csíkszereda. For a long time the village was the centre of Upper Csík (Felcsík / Ciucul de Sus), once it was district residence as well. Administratively, it forms one community with Csíkszenttamás / Tomești and Jenőfalva / Ineu, of which number of inhabitants was 5,785 in 1992 (except of 20 Romanians and 29 Gypsies they were all Hungarians)

The community centre, Csíkkarcfalva / Cârța has 1,291 inhabitants. The main attraction here is the Csíkkarcfalva / Cârța Roman Catholic church-fortress.

Who wish to visit us has to turn left on Dánfalva Northern part, at the railway barrier. Csíkkarcfalva has a train station if somebody would prefer to come by train to visit it. The former Ábránfalva and Tótfalva melted into the village's border in the 17. century because of Tatars attack. 
Our village lies on the foot of Magyaros peak (782 m) in Upper Csík area. It was the member of an alpine shareholder community called 'Hatfalu" mountain area. Várbükke is a place, where are the traces of an old castle. The residents know about his ironstones. 


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