Ethnographic Museum and Folk House in Sândominic


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Sândominic 537275, Romania


The museum is located on the first floor of the cultural center, where you can see a permanent exhibition in three rooms showing tools and tools used for herding, cultivating, woodworking, logging and weaving. Next to the cultural center there is another furnished country house.

The Ethnographic Museum and Country House is located in the Csík basin of the Harghita county, in the Ciuc region, north of Miercurea Ciuc.
The ethnographic circle started in the late 1960s, initiated and directed by Judit Szabó, a Hungarian teacher. This was the beginning of the collection, to which the students began with great enthusiasm. The objects were first located in the school, then moved to the upstairs rooms of the newly built cultural home and are still there.
The country house was built in 1774 and, according to local memory, was owned by a dear Captain. According to local architectural tradition, it was built of round wood on four corners and covered with shingle. It was a man's house.
The building was rebuilt in the 1970s and is furnished with locally known painted furniture and home textiles typical of the village folk art. Household appliances appear in the house in their former function.

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