Buzzing Apitherapy House

Buzzing Apitherapy House


Fo ut, 24c, Izvoare/Ivó 537362, Romania


The word "apitherapy", also known as bee therapy, means health maintenance and healing with bee products.
Izvoare/Ivó, a village near Zetea/Zetelaka, is a paradise with its clean air and rich flora. The pristine pure honey from the hills and the bees that gather here are the basis of the products and services of the Bíbor Beekeeping and the Buzzing Apitherapy House.

The healing properties of the air in the beehive have been discovered by beekeepers since ancient times, as they have mostly slept near the hive during their migrations.
The air from the hive helps to treat the following ailments:
- Allergies
- Allergy and immune system diseases
- Skin rashes, itching
- Respiratory diseases - bronchitis, asthma, tobacco lung
- Sleep disorders
- Burnout syndrome
- Anxiety, restlessness
In the Buzzing Apitherapy House, 9 families of bees are installed. The bees can only move outwards, so they do not fly around in the house.

In addition to the hive air, the vibration of the bees helps the body to heal, as the human bioresonance requirement of 7.38 hertz is essential for the immune system to function properly against viruses, bacteria and parasites. If it is lower than the required vibration level, the body's self-healing process is more difficult to start. This is enhanced by the 150-300 hertz bioresonance emitted by bees.


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