Boldizsár/Madonna/Horia spring (Spring 3) Borsec

Mineral waters


Borsec 535300, Romania


It is an old, well-known spring, also known as Boldizsár or Madonna or Horia Spring, or No. 3 Spring.

The flow of the spring is 6,600 l / day, the water is carbonated, bicarbonate, mixed and contains: calcium, magnesium, sodium.

Therapeutic indications: hyperacid gastritis, mild constipation, kidney and liver stones.

It is next to 7 Springs Boulevard.

Short history:

The first chemical analysis was conducted by Dr. Than Károly in 1889. The capacity of the spring was 3942,000 liters per year.

The water temperature is between 8.2-10 ° C.

The water of this spring was bottled at the time when the Main Spring was under revision in 1837.

The spring bears the name of a mineral water merchant who made the first filling here.

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