Biró-Ugron Mansion Mărtinis


DC27, Mărtiniș 537175, Romania


Biró-Ugron Mansion was the residence of one of the important baronial Szekler families. It is located in Mărtinis, a village in the Homoroadelor Plateau, Southeast from Odorhei Secuiesc, Harghita county.

The Mansion becomes a possession of the Ugron family following Maria Biró's marriage to Ferencz Ugron, captain of the Odorheiul Secuiesc area. The current architecture is attributed to their oldest son, Ugron Pál, and his wife Siménfalvi Krisztina.

The domain has lost its original aspect because its several owners divided it and use it as farmland. The construction, hidden by wild vegetation, is in a precarious state due to degradation. Even so, the curia retains part of the atmosphere of a noble residence today.

The massive masonry gate is visible from the main road of the village. The house is centrally located, being the most important construction of the whole ensemble.

Text source: Alexandra Stoica

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