Balási Imper manor


Imper, Romania


The castle was built in the early decades of the nineteenth century, probably in 1833, for the most important member of the Balási family, at the order of Balási József (1778-1855). The Balási family enjoyed an honorable position at the heart of the local community.

The ensemble consists of two buildings, the three-story main building and a smaller, modest one in the backyard. The prominent elements of the facades are the south-facing arcade balcony, the copf-style ionic pillars, the strips of plaster, and the main entrance to the north with three divisions.

There are visible inscriptions on the roof chimneys, which indicate the year of completion. One is the word ANNO, the other 1833.

The family, namely Balási József (VII) (1915-2004) donated the building to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Transylvania, and the Franciscan monk Böjte Csaba rented it for 30 years for the Children's Safety Foundation. Currently, the building is used as a shelter for children.

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