Works by Transilvanian Composers

Works by Transilvanian Composers


30 / 20 lei


Csikszereda, Romania, 530100

Dates and Hours:


On Wednesday, the Ciuc Chamber Orchestra will give a special concert. They will perform on the stage of the Cinema Ciuc pieces by Transylvanian, contemporary composers. The string orchestra will be conducted by the violinist and concertmaster Jenő Koppándi Jr., who has been invited several times to the orchestra. The soloist of the evening will be the violist Sándor Antal.

The programme for the concert is the following:
– Aaron Fazakas: Stalactite
– Andreas Baksa: Viola Pannonica
– György Orbán: Court Dances
– Ferenc Köllő: Folk Songs Suite

Concert supported by the Mayor's Office of the City of Miercurea Ciuc and by the Ciuc Chamber Orchestra Association.
The full price tickets cost 30 lei, the reduced price ticket 20 lei, which can be purchased in advance on the website or in the Ticket Office of the Cinema Csíki Mozi.