Sóháztur Pension

Sóháztur Pension

Family-friendly accommodation / Guest house


Bánya úr, 96/B, Praid 537240, Romania


‘Sóháztur” pension is situated in a beautiful place, surrounded by woods, mountains and of course the salt mine is in the neighborhood. (There is just 300 m distance from the mine’s entrance.)

The bath-and breathing therapy means the inhalation of the mine’s salty air, that is very benefic in cases of respiratory sicknesses (asthma, bronchitis, allergy…) The treatment level is 120 m deep underground in the mine and it is supplied with playground, seats, chairs and bar, all these to make the daily four-hour compulsory stay during ten days more comfortable. It is advisable to consult a doctor before starting the treatment. This is also available for anybody here in the dispensary in Praid.

Close to the salt mine there is a salted water-bath. Salty water and iodine have good effects on your health. It has calming, physic and psychic relaxing, sterilizing (skin and nose) and anti-inflammatory effects.


  • 2 daisies

Vacation ticket

  • Yes


  • Wooden hot tub


  • Praid

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