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Those who like to travel have already roamed the country’s trails. Existing routes in Romania, however, do not invite the traveler to get out of the car and walk. Tășuleasa Social aims to set up an extensive hiking trail which will start in Putna, the resting place of Stephen the Great, and will go through Transylvania and its cultural richness then end in Drobeta Turnu-Severin.

Spain’s paths of pilgrimage inspired us, as well as long-distance trails in the United States and India. We see that such trails influence cultures, form communities and contribut to the development of the areas they traverse.

Via Transilvanica is a journey of courage because it makes us rediscover landmarks and talk about who we really are, from Danube’s shores to the mountain ridges.
Via Transilvanica is identity. Because it gives us the chance to learn about our history and to better understand ourselves as a nation.

Via Transilvanica

The route that we will set up is approximate 1.200 km long, expanding from Putna to Drobeta Turnu-Severin. From our experience, the route can be traveled either for several weeks in full length, or partially in a few days, depending on the traveler’s strength and desire. Via Transilvanica’s infrastructure will provide information regarding accommodation and meals, as well as historical and cultural information about different geographical areas.

In 2020 we successfully finalized 800 km in the following counties: Suceava, Bistrița-Năsăud, Mureș, Harghita, Brașov, Sibiu și Mehedinți.

We invite you to take a step into the beauty of these places.

Tasuleasa Social Association


Terra Siculorum is the third route of Via Transilvanica, where 157 kilometers territories inhabited by the proud Szekeler people who contributed to everything that Transylvania is today.

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