Bilbor Chalet

Rooms for rent / Family-friendly accommodation


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Răchitiș 537020, Romania


Bilbor Chalet is your place of relaxation, that mountain accommodation where you will not only discover a place to sleep, but is a lifestyle, an authentic experience related by the specifics of the area. At 1000 m altitude, in a secluded location, you will truly experience the joy of life, you will discover the beauty of simplicity in nature, while feeling the pampering of luxury facilities. A wooden cabin in the mountains with 5 rooms (capacity: 10 people), in the place with the cleanest air in Romania. An oasis of peace, with premium facilities that offer you and your loved ones the ultimate comfort harmonized by the simplicity of nature


  • 3 stars


  • Kitchen
  • Wooden hot tub
  • Sauna


  • Răchitiș

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