Vidra Bungallow Park

Vidra Bungallow Park


Vidra Park welcomes its guests in a unique harmonious environment in the heart of Transylvania, at the foot of the Hargita, surrounded by wonderful pine trees. From our accommodation you can wander around the main sights of Székelyföld: the Madaras Hargita (27 km), the Killer Lake (56km), the Bicaz Canyon (or Békási Strait) (59 km), Csíksomlyó (72 km), the Vargyasi Canyon (82 km), the Egyeskő (65 km), the Salt Mine in Praid (66 km), the Bear Lake in Sovata (82 km), etc.

During the design and construction of the Vidra Park, we aimed at preserving and presenting the proximity of nature to the full utilization of its positive energies. Each of these buildings is a bearded log house, whose raw material was given by the surrounding pine trees.
We are truly proud of the fact that we have created an environment that is fully in line with the ancient forests, paying tribute to the magnificent natural treasures of Transylvania.

The Vidra Park consists of four bungalows, two apartments, one dining room with 32 seats, and an extraordinarily cozy multifunctional wellness. Vidra Park 2 is situated at a 5-minute walking distance from Vidra Park where two further bungalows with one room are waiting to accommodate their guests. One of the charms of this park situated on 2200 m2 is the small lake around which the houses, the dining room and the wellness are being arranged.
The total area of the Vidra Park can accommodate up to 32 people. Our fully equipped blockhouses are supplied with central heating, separate bathrooms, toilet and fridge. Bed sheets and towels are being provided for.


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