Mereşti cave

Mereşti cave

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Merești, Romania


Located in the middle of Vârghiș gorges in the Perșani mountains, Mereşti cave is a speleological jewel, considered by the speleologists as one of the longest caves in the Eastern Carpathians. The length is about 1400 meters.

The cave is on the right wall of the Vârghiș gorges, near a bridge, in the so-called Rock of Wonders.

To enter the cave you have to climb some metal ladders. Mereşti cave has two main rooms - the Great Hall and Fekete István Hall. Fekete was the speleologist who, in 1835, mapped the cave in such detail that his maps could be used without problems today.

Fossils of the prehistoric man were discovered in the cave.

The cave has a treasure: in the last room, almost a kilometer from the entrance, the water that dug in the rock brought fragments of stones with it, which are now embedded in the walls, resembling precious gems.

The cave shelters many living creatures and plants, which the speleologists researched over time. Now the main inhabitants of the cave are the bats.

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