In the company of biologists

In the company of biologists


Program description:
The Borsec/Borszék’s ecosystem is very diverse. The flora is very original. Butterflies cover the flowers that live here.
It is worth visiting our parks: the Deák Square English Park, the Millennium Park, the Memorial Park in Alsóborszék. In the “Natura 2000” environmental protection area, next to the abundance of herbs, you can see the meadow fan grass. In spring and early summer, we can see spotted salamanders and goat frogs in the ditch next to the promenade leading to the Ancient Spring. In the area of ​​the mine we can see a nimble lizard and a cross viper. The typical tree of the city is pine, but also rich in beech.
Here you can observe the birdlife. All seasons shed edible mushrooms. At the beginning of summer we can pick strawberries, in summer we can pick raspberries and blueberries. 

Program location: Harghita county
Destination: Borsec/Borszék
Program price: 150 RON / group

Program overview

  • Nature
  • Trekking


  • Hungarian
  • Romanian

Duration of the program

  • 3-4 hours/ore/óra

Tour guide

  • Farkas Aladár


  • Gheorgheni and its surroundings

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