Making the special Szekler cake, and folk dances

Making the special Szekler cake, and folk dances

Making the special sekler cake

We’d like to invite you for an exciting program (Location: In the garden of Nagy Lak II, at the Zetea dam)

On the occasion of a familiar program, our guests could get to know the tricks of making the special sekler cake which is famous but not really known all over the world. Those who are interested in can even make their fist cake. The good atmosphere is guaranteed by the home-made blue-berry brandy. The Zetea Vadrózsa Folkdance Ansamble and the Zetea gipsy band entertain our guests.

The Vadrózsa Folkdance Ansamble dance folk dances for one hour (pas, lad dance, lass dance and at last “csárdás” dance teaching).

On our guests request the bands can stay for a longer time.

Price offer: 100 Euro/group.

The legend of the sekler cake:

The origin of the sekler cake goes back to the tartar occupation. When the tartar troops approached after the first resistances, the population of Seklerland thought that it would be better if they go south. Some went up in the mountains some found shelter in the Rez and Budvar caves. As the tartars couldn’t assault or make them come out of their safe hidden places they decided to starve the seklers. This went on for quite a long time and both of them were out of food. Then a very smart sekler woman mixed the left flour with ash and made huge cakes and they stuck them on very high poles and showed to the tartars. “Look! How well we’re doing and you’re starving!” And the tartars who couldn’t bare the hunger any longer left the area angrily. Starting from this time the sekler cake was called dong doughnut. You can find under this name in the old cookery books.

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