Harghita Băi

Harghita-Băi ('Hargita bath') got its name from the dry-gas that comes from the ground and its thermal spa that was established in 1920. Although it was easy to approach the spa by car, since a paved road led to it, it was closed down in 1950.

Baile Harghita ”Hargita Barhs” is a balneoclimateric settlement up in the mountains, 20 km far from Miercurea Ciuc, in the region of Harghita. Known for its mofettas here, the healing power of its mineral waters and for the opportunity of winter sports.

The Harghita Baths are situated in over 1300 m in the mountains, in a dream landscape, with many possibilities for rest and treatment. The Hargita Baths is reached on DN 13A, and then on county road 138A.

Therapeutic indications: heart disease, circulatory system diseases, chronic fatigue

Treatment resources: Mofettas mineral healing waters, a relaxing natural climate as a medicine. The mofettas are sulfur gases emanation and carbonated mineral waters with a beneficial chemical composition.

- Inhalations
- Indoor and outdoor mineral water, relaxing and resting conditions.

The springs and mofettas have been discovered since the 9th century. From the beginning of the 20th century this resort is renowned in Transylvania. The Hargita Baths were also called ”Ciceu Baths” because the administrative district of Baile Harghita was part of the Ciceu commune from 1898 until the First World War. In 1947, a forest road was upgraded which helped to develop the resort, as it was linked to the national road.

Mofete Harghita Băi

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