Ethnography Muzeum of Toplita

Ethnography Muzeum of Toplita


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Bulevardul Nicolae Bălcescu 55-57, Toplița 535700, Romania


The museum, founded in 1998 and reorganized in 2006, operates together with the "Kelemenek Rhapsódia" Folklore Society as part of the Maroshévíz Cultural Center belonging to the Ministry of Culture. The area of ​​the museum is approx. 270 square meters, consisting of five rooms and an entrance hall. The visitor walks along a circuit, where on the left he finds the small reception hall of the "Masters' room", here is the logo of the museum "On the Road to Father Nucu". Moving on, we discover the "Thread of Life", the central theme of the museum, which shows the life of a simple person in the area at every stage of life, accompanied by photo documents and words of wisdom. The first room is his childhood. Here we find the cradle, toys and didactic elements, such as the bag, notebooks, textbooks, the blackboard, or the calculator typical of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. At the entrance to the children's room, there is a small door that requires you to bend down, this is a form of forced respect, but also a defense against historical aggressions. Here, too, we can find clay pots, figurines, objects for personal use, made by children with woodcarving, from various materials. The second room, the "Youth Room", presents the wedding scene, as well as an impressive collection of folk costumes, some of which are more than 100 years old, with various influences (from the Moldavian area through Corbu-Tulgheş Street to Marosfalu), from the upper regions, the from the lowland Maros, Beszterce, Nagy Szeben, but also from the Căngăi zones) keeping together the traditions left behind by those who were involved in farming, sheep breeding or forestry in these areas. We note that work clothes are very simple, while festive ones are embellished with different decorative repertoires, and men's shirts are distinguished by two versions: the pre-war one-piece, later the two-piece, shirt and lapel. Through the 18th-century portico with traditional windows, we enter the third room, which contains a huge collection of household objects both inside and outside. We take into account the dish bowl decorated with flower motifs, but also the charcoal iron available in two versions, the larger one is used by adults, the smaller one by children and girls for studying and also for ironing collars and cuffs. There is also a prayer corner, an icon and a pendulum clock, wall protectors. The hall is designed for temporary exhibitions, where, depending on the season, you can find everything from painted eggs to military objects. The museum also contains other items of interest, such as an old wooden refrigerator, a hand mill, handicraft tools, shepherd's artworks, and documents that are currently not open to the public due to lack of space. Visiting program: daily from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m On days off and public holidays only for groups upon prior registration.


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