The Day of the Thousand Szekler Girls


The day of the Thousand Szekler Girls, organized on the first Saturday of July in Miercurea Ciuc, is a celebration of music, dance and the popular Szekler clothes, which offers an opportunity to present, preserve and popularize the values of the Szekler folk art and garments.

The first edition of the festival was organized in 1931. The tradition was revived in 1990, keeping its original goal of preserving folk traditions.

The event begins with a parade of the traditional costumes. Girls and boys dressed in traditional clothes march to the city center, dancing on folk music. The program continues on the ridge that links the two hills of Şumuleu, where, after a religious service, the folk groups gathered from all the corners of the Szeklerland are introduced to the public. Immediately after that, starts a true feast of the folk clothes, dance and songs.


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