Sunrise climbing route - Bicaz Canyon


DN12C, Romania


Route description:

LC 1: We start on a light track. Then there is a vertical crack that closes, the steps being in this area.

LC 2: It goes up a few meters straight up, then starts in a fairly long traverse to the left. At one point, we have a downward step a little more difficult. It follows the passage of an edge and the entrance to a clear, lighter Bavaria.

LC 3: Length 3 starts with the left traverse, this time easier. Then climb vertically through a more friable area. Then there is a long oblique crack left. The steps here are much more delicate. Towards the end, the crack breaks out and climbs over a poorly assured tray, underneath two sloppy dips that move, the next assurance far above.

LC 4: It is the longest, the most difficult free climb, but it also works artificially. After a new left-hand traverse, the large crack that bridges the wall is caught. There is a tree after several bad pitches are passed, but there is no problem because there are spits from place to place. There is a hoop and from here we continue on a well-knit vertical die. There are a few steps of free interest, not very heavy. After the dihedral, we are overtaking a completely washed face where it is probably the free step of the route.

LC 5: It's short and light. A short straight crossing, then upward on the large sockets into the forest, the final regrouping of the tree. The two lengths can merge.

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