Hot air balloon above Depresiunea Ciucului


Data și ora:
Miercurea Ciuc, Romania


Would you like to check your own awesome city from the air?
Hot air balloon is a perfect outdoor activity for everyone.
The start point will be in Depresiunea Ciucului, based on the actual weather conditions.
Why you shall choose us?
- up-to-date tools
- Professional organization
- Great atmosphere
- Unique adventure

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: You are able to participate on flights as a passenger only, if you have a valid flying ticket, which can be purchased at our website:
We do not have English language option at the moment, so we offer you an automated translated version of the site, for more information:
If you have problems with ordering (reason is the redirected page traffic from google translate), feel free to contact us at or +36207779081 and we will provide you the details of the wire transfer.
The adult ticket is reduced now to 42.000HUF (~600RON or 120EUR).
Meeting for morning flight is ~6AM and ~5PM for afternoon flights. We may vary the appointment time and place based on weather conditions, to give you the best experience in flight.

The duration of the program is ~3-4 hours included the ~1hour flight time.

Short description of flights:
- Gathering at meeting point
- Preparing hot air balloon for flight
- Making some starter group pictures
- Passengers getting int he basket of the balloon
- Flying direction? On the wings of the wind around the area:)
- Landing, celebrating, packing up
- Transfer back to the meeting point

We suggest you to wear semi-waterproof, closed shoes and little seasonal comfortable clothes which little bit warmer than actual weather (At hight altitude, the air temperature does not change much, but at ground level, before sunrise and after sunset it becomes colder faster)

If you have questions, feel free to contact us at or +36207779081