Wildlife Park of Ivó (Izvoare)

Natural attraction / Hunting area


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Izvoare, Romania, 537363


If you are interested in the life of the wild animals in their natural environment, if you want to take a picture of film them, we recommend the Ivó (Izvoare) wildlife park.
The Wildlife Park in Ivó (Izvoare) stretches over an area of 320 hectares, crossed by rivers and surrounded by mountains.
Deer, stags and mouflons live in their natural environment in this picturesque region.
The few paths and fences were our minimal and necessary intervention in the wild beauty of the nature.

The Wildlife Park in Ivó / Izvoare, Harghita county, is located in the heart of the Eastern Carpathians. Its purpose is to restore the natural environment of these animals.

  • Two-hour guided tour in the park - 20 RON
  • Two-hour guided tour in the park for children - 10 RON
  • Guided tour, then product tasting at the Honor Villa - 45 RON
  • Guided tour for children, followed by product tasting at the Honor Villa - 20 RON
  • A day of photography. Special photos for commercial use. - 400 RON

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