Izvoru Mureşului Ski slope

Izvoru Mureşului Ski slope

Ski, snowboard rental / Ski slope




Izvoru Mureșului 537356, Romania


Izvoru Mureşului Ski slope is the emblem of the resort. In the past, it has hosted several "Snow Celebrations" editions, and is currently the tourist's engine during the winter.

It is situated on the Grețeș mountain, at a height of 900 m. It was modernized in 2013 by the Forestry Shareholders "Terkő" from Tomeşti, which made works for the development of the slope and also placed a 1200 m long ski lift. The slope is medium and light difficulty, the first 500 m being destined for beginners.

The chalet at the base of the slopes offers tourists a hiring center for specific sports equipment, a relaxing spot as well as a first aid point.

Technical data of the slope:
Difficulty: easy
Length: 620 m
Level difference: 100 m
Altitude at departure: 940 m
Altitude upon arrival: 900 m
Nocturnal: no
Artificial snow: no
Transport: ski lift (length - 600 m)

Photo source: www.triff.ro, https://www.directbooking.ro/

Degree of difficulty

  • Blue

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