Bird watching and photography near the Harghita Mountains



Join a bird watching and photography tour at the foothills of the Harghita Mountains on a full day tour. Discover the rich variety of the bird life in this part of the Eastern Carpathians. Scope for various species of woodpeckers, European crested tits, jays, finches, golden oriole, red crossbills among many other species. This tour is suitable for both experienced and casual birdwatchers.
Woodpeckers can be encountered most easily during courtship season in March-April. They seem to disappear in the forests in summer during the breeding season but emerge again at the beginning of autumn. Some species, grey-headed and white-backed woodpecker in particular, visit feeding sites even in winter. Crossbills can be encountered in practically any season of the year. The nest of a golden eagle may be also spotted during the tour.

Bird watching and photography tours can take many different forms, however a primary form is to use hides to facilitate an up-close experience of wildlife which would not otherwise be possible. Wildlife watching hides allow wildlife to be viewed without being disrupted or unnecessarily disturbed, visitors can view wild animals and birds in close proximity, offer some protection for viewers and generates revenue for local rewilding efforts.
We work with several hides and guides in the Eastern Carpathians and our tours have had a success rate around 90% so far. During the winter our guides feed the birds, but in the other seasons they come to bath and drink at the small birdbath.
The following wildlife hide designs are available to be booked:
• Tent hides and mobile hides often provide superior wildlife and bird viewing experiences and they are used for viewing mobile wildlife that infrequently remains in a single location (ie. Capercaille, etc.), but offer low levels of comfort.
• Cabin hides offer high level of comfort and allow for visitors to stay in the hides for longer periods.

If you want the flexibility and freedom to design your own personalised tour itinerary, then the tailor-made tour is the perfect holiday choice for you. Whether it’s your family adventure or you come for a special photography target, we take the time to understand exactly what you want from your adventure holiday and then put together your ideal itinerary to match.

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