Gyárfás Manor


Strada Petőfi Sándor 34, Cristuru Secuiesc 535400, Romania


The mansion, located on Petőfi Sándor street no. 34, was built in classical style. Local evidence claims that it was built by a member of the Wesselényi family, and byinheritance it became the property of the Lécfalvi Gyárfás family. There have been buildings on this place since the Middle Ages. Remnants of a church from the 10th century were found in the garden.

On the night of July 30th 1849, Petőfi Sándor, who died in the Battle of Albeşti, spent the last night in this building. He arrived in the company of Zeyk Domokos, accompanied by General Bem, and was the guest of the owner, Varga Zsigmond.

There is an old tree in the garden, known as Petőfi's Pear.

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