Time travel in Corund

Corund Ecotourism


Corund 537060, Romania


It is a Slow Tours Transylvania program, which guides you to the world of the volcanic plateau near Corund.

It includes a horse-drawn carriage tour, a guided visit to Fântâna Brazilor turf bog, a snack from the local forest fruit syrups and jams, then a visit to a subsistence household offering a traditional snack from dishes prepared at home: bread, butter, homemade eggs, cheese made by them, jams, bacon and onion.

The cost is 60 RON / person. Includes transport from Corund, guide, wagon, snacks, the entrance to the turf bog.

The tour starts with at least 4 people.

Book at least one day before the scheduled tour.

The tour is offered at any time of the year; in winter, the carriage is changed to a horse-drawn sleigh.

Source info: https://www.korpa.ro/

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